Tournament 6 My City
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Tournament 6 My City

Mr. Lee, a senior social worker, has been fed up with all sorts of social problems that cannot be resolved. He wants to resign after passing his expertise to the new comer, Candy. However, because of lack of manpower, he is asked to handle multiple special cases before he leaves, including mildly retarded Ha, Po with Down syndrome, schizophrenic Ming, Chung with serious autism and Keung with hyperactivity disorder. While Lee and Candy engage themselves in handling those difficult cases, Mrs. Lee, who has been suffering from serious mood disorder, commits suicide. Heavily blown, Lee abandons himself and decides to give up all cases. Two preachers from the church and two radio anchors are also involved indirectly into the resolving process. They have different levels of devotion and expectation on those cases. They hope to help those people in trouble to build up new understanding on the front-line social workers as well as on themselves.

Detalhes do Filme
Situação Lançado
Titúlo Original 極闘6 飄移都市
Estreia 10/10/2019
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