Tosun Pasha
Tosun Pasha
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Tosun Pasha

Green Valley is ours!

Late 19th century in Alexandria. Two traditionally rival Turkish families, "Seferoglu"s and "Tellioglu"s are competing for the "Green Valley". The winner will be determined by Daver Bey, who has a beautiful young daughter, Leyla. Both families try to arrange a marriage between a man from their family and Leyla, so that Daver Bey will be inclined to give the green valley to his "relatives". Tellioglus, who are behind in the race, desperately find a final solution: They will fake their idiotic butler, Saban, as the highest ranked Ottoman soldier in Egypt: Tosun Pasha.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalTosun Paşa
Custo ProduçãoR$ 64.200,00
ReceitaR$ 698.200,00
Onde Assistir

Kemal Sunal como: Şaban/Sahte Tosun Paşa

Kemal Sunal

Şaban/Sahte Tosun Paşa
Şener Şen como: Tellioğlu Lütfü

Şener Şen

Tellioğlu Lütfü
Adile Naşit como: Tellioğlu Adile

Adile Naşit

Tellioğlu Adile
Ayşen Gruda como: Tellioğlu Zekiye

Ayşen Gruda

Tellioğlu Zekiye