This Space Between Us
This Space Between Us
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This Space Between Us

It’s been two years since his wife’s sudden death, and once-promising young filmmaker Alex Harty has allowed both his life and career to come to a standstill. But after he assaults a Hollywood studio executive, Alex returns to his hometown of San Francisco to reconnect with old friends for a bittersweet odyssey. Even if Alex can manage to run away from his life, will the memory of his late wife drag him back into it?

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Titúlo OriginalThis Space Between Us
Onde Assistir

Jeremy Sisto como: Alex Harty

Jeremy Sisto

Alex Harty
Poppy Montgomery como: Arden Ansfield

Poppy Montgomery

Arden Ansfield
Erik Palladino como: Jesse Fleer

Erik Palladino

Jesse Fleer
Clara Bellar como: Zoe Goddard

Clara Bellar

Zoe Goddard
Vincent Ventresca como: Sterling Montrose

Vincent Ventresca

Sterling Montrose