The Wedding Ring
The Wedding Ring
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The Wedding Ring

Kate Sterling’s entire life is about proposals. As a jewelry designer she’s created rings for more happy couples than she can count, however none for herself yet. At her sister’s marriage, Kate is given a second change to connect with her childhood sweetheart. Now she has to decide whether their feelings have changed, or if the wedding will re-kindle the sparks that once united them; giving Kate the ring she’s been waiting for her whole life!

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalThe Wedding Ring
Onde Assistir

Lauren Lee Smith como: Kate Sterling

Lauren Lee Smith

Kate Sterling
Dillon Casey como: Jaimie Coleman

Dillon Casey

Jaimie Coleman
Raymond Ablack como: Anthony Prentice

Raymond Ablack

Anthony Prentice
Cory Lee como: Tamara Dean

Cory Lee

Tamara Dean
Dianne Aguilar como: Vicki Wilson

Dianne Aguilar

Vicki Wilson