The Tiger Makes Out
The Tiger Makes Out
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The Tiger Makes Out

It's all about a Greenwich Village cat on the make ... ... who ends up with Gloria, the housewife, by mistake!

During a typically disaster-filled day, Ben Harris, an angry and frustrated bachelor mailman living in a cluttered Greenwich Village basement, learns he has been paying rent to a woman who hasn't owned his building in 6 years. No longer able to endure the injustices of society, he decides to activate the ferocious tiger within himself by abducting a helpless female and dragging her back to his lair.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalThe Tiger Makes Out
Onde Assistir

Eli Wallach como: Ben Harris

Eli Wallach

Ben Harris
Anne Jackson como: Gloria Fiske

Anne Jackson

Gloria Fiske
Bob Dishy como: Jerome "Jerry" Fiske

Bob Dishy

Jerome "Jerry" Fiske
Ruth White como: Mrs. Edna Kelly

Ruth White

Mrs. Edna Kelly