The Thin Pink Line
The Thin Pink Line
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The Thin Pink Line

The Making of the Making of a Documentary

A film crew in search of a new documentary project determines to find a wrongfully imprisoned death-row inmate. Enter Chauncey Ledbetter, a quirky and potentially gay prisoner convicted of murdering his high school show choir teacher. As filming of the documentary progresses, evidence increases that Chauncey might be guilty after all.

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Titúlo OriginalThe Thin Pink Line
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Rob Helms como: Kevin Langstrom

Rob Helms

Kevin Langstrom
Bruce Daniels como: Randall Overbee

Bruce Daniels

Randall Overbee
Joe Dietl como: Royce Cannon

Joe Dietl

Royce Cannon
Carrie Aizley como: Jocelyn Silverberg

Carrie Aizley

Jocelyn Silverberg
Diane Delano como: Sgt. Dot Jenkins

Diane Delano

Sgt. Dot Jenkins