The Tenants Downstairs
The Tenants Downstairs
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The Tenants Downstairs

A loafer inherits an apartment block and lets out the place to a group of tenants, including a lusty gymnastics teacher, a geeky college student, a single father with his young daughter, a gay couple, a writer and a sexy female office worker. An incredible story is about to unfold as they start their lives in the same building.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original樓下的房客
Onde Assistir

Simon Yam como: The Landlord / Chang Jiajun

Simon Yam

The Landlord / Chang Jiajun
Ivy Shao como: Chang Yingru

Ivy Shao

Chang Yingru
Kaiser Chuang como: Mr. Chang

Kaiser Chuang

Mr. Chang
Xing Li como: Miss Chen

Xing Li

Miss Chen