The Star of the Ballet
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The Star of the Ballet

Engineer Stepan Mitin, having arrived in Kiev on business, accidentally gets to the performance "Ukrainian Ballet on Ice" and falls in love with the soloist Viktoriya Chaika. Delighted with the prima, Stepan doesn't notice that the draftsman Varya is working with him on the refrigerator project — the same girl to whom in the evenings he unsuccessfully tries to convey a bouquet of flowers with a note. The business trip ends — and Stepan, collecting in Primorsk, invites Varya to his plant. They agree to meet at the airport, but on the way, the ballet administrator intercepts the girl. Stepan flies away alone. One day, the Ukrainian Ballet on Ice comes to Primorsk. Stepan Mitin, the best refrigeration specialist, is asked to help create artificial ice. Stepan gladly accepts the offer and soon meets Viktoriya Chaika...

Detalhes do Filme
Situação Lançado
Titúlo Original Звезда балета
Estreia 19/07/1965
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