The Santa Trap
The Santa Trap
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The Santa Trap

The only thing missing this Christmas is Santa Claus..

It's Christmas Eve and Judy Emerson is told there's no such thing as Santa. Determined to prove her family wrong, she sets an elaborate trap and successfully captures Santa Claus himself. But her parents think the jolly old elf is a burglar and have Santa arrested.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalThe Santa Trap
Onde Assistir

Shelley Long como: Molly Emerson

Shelley Long

Molly Emerson
Robert Hays como: Bill Emerson

Robert Hays

Bill Emerson
Sierra Abel como: Judy Emerson

Sierra Abel

Judy Emerson
Brandon de Paul como: Mike Emerson

Brandon de Paul

Mike Emerson
Corbin Bernsen como: Chief Spivak

Corbin Bernsen

Chief Spivak