The Near Room
The Near Room
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The Near Room

When the past catches up with the future...

Charlie Colquhoun is a burnt out journalist. His old school friend Harris Hill is a lawyer at the top of his game. Their lives are smashed together by one name - Tommy Stirling, Charlie's daughter, a fostered teenage pregnancy who has become embroiled in an alleged child pornography scandal with a top ranking police officer. As the trail to Tommy begins to heat up, so the bodies begin to mount up. Allegiances fall by the wayside as Charlie's life begins to spiral out of control and the deadly world of drugs, blackmail and murder that lies in the deepest heart of the underworld threatens to consume him and his missing daughter forever.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalThe Near Room
Onde Assistir

Adrian Dunbar como: Charlie Colquhoun

Adrian Dunbar

Charlie Colquhoun
David O'Hara como: Harris Hill

David O'Hara

Harris Hill
David Hayman como: Dougie Patterson

David Hayman

Dougie Patterson
Julie Graham como: Elise Gray

Julie Graham

Elise Gray
Tom Watson como: Frazer Hill

Tom Watson

Frazer Hill