The Messiah
The Messiah
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The Messiah

Murder by the Lake

When Hoffmann's past catches up with her, not only is the relationship with Oberländer put to a test, but also the safety of her family is severely threatened.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalDie Messias
Onde Assistir

Matthias Koeberlin como: Micha Oberländer

Matthias Koeberlin

Micha Oberländer
Alina Fritsch como: Luisa Hoffmann

Alina Fritsch

Luisa Hoffmann
Hary Prinz como: Thomas Komlatschek

Hary Prinz

Thomas Komlatschek
Stefan Pohl como: Thomas Egger

Stefan Pohl

Thomas Egger
Anja Antonowicz como: Josephine Rustemi

Anja Antonowicz

Josephine Rustemi