The Little Rascals: Scary Spooktacular
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The Little Rascals: Scary Spooktacular

The only thing more outrageous than The Little Rascals' antics are their wild imaginations! See what happens when the Gang is left alone to guess at what those noises in the night might be in this four-film compilation of thrilling films starring our favorite little mischief-makers. See such classics as Spooky Hooky, Moan and Groan and Little Sinner - the episode that taught Spanky a lesson on why playing hooky from Sunday Mass isn't such a good idea! Featuring all of these hilarious episodes in their original black-and-white format! *Episodes: Spooky Hooky, Moan and Groan, First Roundup and Little Sinner.

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Titúlo OriginalThe Little Rascals: Scary Spooktacular
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