The Disappearance of Mrs. Wu
The Disappearance of Mrs. Wu
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The Disappearance of Mrs. Wu

Getting lost can be a gift.

Aware that her time is running short, irascible Wu family matriarch Lily is eager to repair the strained relationship with her adult daughter Mary and help her shy 18-year-old granddaughter Emma find her voice. As her final wish, she persuades longtime friend Charlotte, Emma and Emma’s best friend Karen to spring her from her L.A. nursing home and take a wild road trip up the California coast to a special place from her past. Along the way, long-held secrets are revealed and Mary and Emma each come to understand the painful choices their mothers made in this funny and touching multi-generational story about family, forgiveness and being true to oneself.

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Titúlo OriginalThe Disappearance of Mrs. Wu
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