The China's Next Top Princess
The China's Next Top Princess
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The China's Next Top Princess

About 2 village girl who join the china's princess selection contest.

In the ancient Chinese dynasties, there were thousands concubines but only one Princess in the palace. To be the only one, girls fought by all means. Two beauties, Mandy came from poor family and Pearl came from aristocracy. They became soul mates and swore they were friends forever and would help each other on the way to the Princess Selection. But they discovered that there was only one girl could be the Princess, and things became different.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original妃子笑
Onde Assistir

Viann Liang como: Hui-jia Liang

Viann Liang

Hui-jia Liang
Mok Wai-Man como: Royal doctor

Mok Wai-Man

Royal doctor
Edwin Siu como: Emporer

Edwin Siu

Susan Tse como: Auntie Yan

Susan Tse

Auntie Yan