The Bridgeman
The Bridgeman
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The Bridgeman

This epic story takes place between 1820 and 1860 during the Habsburg Monarchy, and portrays the life one of the greatest Hungarian aristocrats - Count Széchenyi - who was born with extra-ordinary mental and spiritual talents. In the years following the fall of Napoleon the young count Széchenyi irresponsibly seduces his brother's wife, and the consequent scandal ruins his career as an army officer. After the sudden death of his humiliated lover Count Széchenyi drastically changes his character from that of a shallow young man into a responsible nobleman seeking to conquer his fate by creating great achievements in his remaining life.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalA hídember
Custo ProduçãoR$ 7.000.000,00
Onde Assistir

Károly Eperjes como: Count István Széchenyi

Károly Eperjes

Count István Széchenyi
Ervin Nagy como: Lajos Kossuth

Ervin Nagy

Lajos Kossuth
Can Togay como: Lajos Batthyányi

Can Togay

Lajos Batthyányi
György Cserhalmi como: Miklós Wesselényi

György Cserhalmi

Miklós Wesselényi
Marius Bodochi como: Karl Clam-Martinitz

Marius Bodochi

Karl Clam-Martinitz