The Bend
The Bend
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The Bend

Jason Campbell thinks he is losing his mind. Maybe it's true. His brother Mike died a year ago on the night of the prom. With his deceased brother's girlfriend and friends, Jason swears to find out what really happened that night and if it could happen to him...

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalThe Bend
Onde Assistir

Adam Butcher como: Jason Campbell

Adam Butcher

Jason Campbell
Sophie Traub como: Kelly Lanken

Sophie Traub

Kelly Lanken
Tommy Lioutas como: Scott Macdonald

Tommy Lioutas

Scott Macdonald
Peter Keleghan como: Mr. Campbell

Peter Keleghan

Mr. Campbell
Leah Pinsent como: Mrs. Campbell

Leah Pinsent

Mrs. Campbell