Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film!
Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film!
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Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film!

Alternative is the mainstream.

Liam McEneaney, creator of Tell Your Friends! hosts the film version of his weekly comedy show, as well as interviews the film’s headliners; giving us a personal look of their transitions from bar basements to mainstream entertainment. Includes comedians Christian Finnegan, Leo Allen, Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal, Rob Paravonian, and Reggie Watts emerge from the dark and dirty rock clubs of Lower Manhattan to perform in this insider event. The film also includes music from A Brief View of the Hudson, TFY’s resident house band. The film offers a backstage pass to the show, including 'behind the scenes' footage and interviews navigating the unfamiliar routes these artists took to become breakout successes.

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