Split Second Murders
Split Second Murders
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Split Second Murders

Unemployed comic book artist Luk (6 Wing) is not having a good day. His girlfriend (Charmaine Fong) just left him, and he's off to pitch his latest work to a publisher that turns out be very sketchy. The editor (MC Jin) wants Luk to add more gratuitous violence and deaths to his story, which he does in amusing manner. After the meeting, Luk goes about his business as normal, but he finds that everywhere he goes he encounters strange conflicts that lead to gratuitous violence and deaths.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalSei sung saw liu
Onde Assistir

Kay Tse como: Sister / Wong Yuen San

Kay Tse

Sister / Wong Yuen San
C Kwan como: Dentist / Long

C Kwan

Dentist / Long
Stephanie Cheng como: Sister / Long's wife

Stephanie Cheng

Sister / Long's wife