Shanghai Grand
Shanghai Grand
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Shanghai Grand

Love for the same woman threatens the friendship of two 1930s Shanghai gangsters.

Hsu Wen-Chiang is washed up on a beach near Shanghai. He is taken in by Ting Lik, a kindly beggar who is in love with Feng Ching-Ching, the daughter of a prominent gangster. It isn't long before Ting Lik rises through the underworld ranks to become one of the city's most powerful gangsters.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original新上海灘
Onde Assistir

Andy Lau como: Ding Lik

Andy Lau

Ding Lik
Leslie Cheung como: Hui Man Keung

Leslie Cheung

Hui Man Keung
Ning Jing como: Fung Ching Ching

Ning Jing

Fung Ching Ching
Wu Hsing-Guo como: Fung King Yiu

Wu Hsing-Guo

Fung King Yiu
Almen Wong Pui-Ha como: Female Assassin

Almen Wong Pui-Ha

Female Assassin