See You at the Rally
See You at the Rally
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See You at the Rally

Believe the impossible

This film is a film about the relationship between Chou Ta-Long and his son Dong, the transformation and growth of the decadent father's attitude towards life. Jun, a genius rally driver who has just been released from jail, accidentally comes into their life. A new journey is about to start. The spirit of rally is persistence and determination. This time, can they overcome the obstacles and finish the game? It’s a life story about family, friendship and redemption.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original我和我的賽車老爸
Onde Assistir

James Wen como: Chou Ta-Lung

James Wen

Chou Ta-Lung
Jack Tan como: Chen Bo-Jun

Jack Tan

Chen Bo-Jun
Shao-Hui Chen como: Chou Yu-Dong (Child)

Shao-Hui Chen

Chou Yu-Dong (Child)
Ivy Shao como: Kang Ming-Zhen

Ivy Shao

Kang Ming-Zhen
Dino Lee como: Chou Yu-Dong (Adult)

Dino Lee

Chou Yu-Dong (Adult)