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A convicted bank robber breaks free as he is being transported to prison after learning that his daughter has been killed by a serial killer. Determined to find her killer, he joins with a female cop who is working the case. He quickly discovers that his daughter had recently had an abortion, an action common to all of the murdered women. Meanwhile the FBI agent that he escaped from is hot on his trail.

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Titúlo OriginalSacrifice
Onde Assistir

Michael Madsen como: Tyler Pierce

Michael Madsen

Tyler Pierce
Bokeem Woodbine como: Agent Ted Gottfried

Bokeem Woodbine

Agent Ted Gottfried
Jamie Luner como: Naomi Cohen

Jamie Luner

Naomi Cohen
Diane Farr como: Karen Yeager

Diane Farr

Karen Yeager
Deborah Shelton como: Margaret Sackett

Deborah Shelton

Margaret Sackett