My Gift
My Gift
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My Gift

A successful architect, Yi Zhong, learned the bad news that he was suffering from bone cancer while receiving the good news of his wife's pregnancy. Facing a painful turning point in life, physical and psychological suffering, Yi Zhong made a wish to let his child see the most handsome figure of a positive cancer-fighting father. Yi Zhong confronts the disease with humor and head-on while sharing his life through video recordings. However, as the disease deteriorates rapidly, how will he face the people around him and the child he may never meet?

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original我的禮物
Onde Assistir

Kang-Ren Wu como: Zhao Yi Zhong / 趙以忠

Kang-Ren Wu

Zhao Yi Zhong / 趙以忠
Ivy Shao como: Zhang Xiao Yu / 小雨

Ivy Shao

Zhang Xiao Yu / 小雨
Yin Chao-Te como: Zhao’s Father / 老 趙

Yin Chao-Te

Zhao’s Father / 老 趙
Ming-Shuai Shih como: Li Yaru / 李亞如

Ming-Shuai Shih

Li Yaru / 李亞如
Jack Wei como: Redhead / 紅毛

Jack Wei

Redhead / 紅毛