Monsters Vs Aliens: Cloning Around
Monsters Vs Aliens: Cloning Around
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Monsters Vs Aliens: Cloning Around

DVD release of the first 15 episodes of the TV series Monsters Vs Aliens. The series picks up after the events in the Monsters vs. Aliens film. Team Monster are hanging out, relaxing at their headquarters, Area Fifty-Something, when another alien spaceship arrives. While trying to calm the hysterical President Hathaway, General W.R. Monger and the gang soon determine that the spaceship contains the alien Coverton. He says he wants to make peace with Earth, but may be in cahoots with another alien on a not-too-friendly mission. Coverton and his naughty antics feature in all of the disc’s episodes.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalMonsters Vs Aliens: Cloning Around
Onde Assistir

Chris O'Dowd como: Dr. Cockroach (voice)

Chris O'Dowd

Dr. Cockroach (voice)
Riki Lindhome como: Susan Murphy/Ginormica (voice)

Riki Lindhome

Susan Murphy/Ginormica (voice)
Eric Edelstein como: B.O.B. (voice)

Eric Edelstein

B.O.B. (voice)
James Patrick Stuart como: President Hathaway (voice)

James Patrick Stuart

President Hathaway (voice)
Kevin Michael Richardson como: General Warren Monger (voice)

Kevin Michael Richardson

General Warren Monger (voice)