Midnight Taxi
Midnight Taxi
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Midnight Taxi

Xu Zi is living beyond their means living by writing, in his girlfriend Hayashi's encouragement, he was determined to be self-reliant, and became a taxi drivers, strange things come one after another. A lot of weird things since appeared. Xu Zi and Hayashi decided to reveal the layers of mystery.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original午夜出租車
Onde Assistir

Jordan Chan como: Xu Feng/ Xu Zi

Jordan Chan

Xu Feng/ Xu Zi
Lee Kin-Yan como: Guo Jing-min/ David

Lee Kin-Yan

Guo Jing-min/ David
Helena Law Lan como: Xie shifu's wife

Helena Law Lan

Xie shifu's wife
Jiang Luxia como: Policewoman

Jiang Luxia

Deng Zi-Yi como: Lin Zhen

Deng Zi-Yi

Lin Zhen