Lebe dein Leben
Lebe dein Leben
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Lebe dein Leben

The talented young entrepreneur Finn Sieveking has to cope with the death of his mother Maria, who was always at his side in the management of the traditional Hamburg family business. Out of nowhere the adventurer Jonathan Clark appears, who introduces himself as his biological father. Finn has to cooperate with him unwillingly, because Maria has bequeathed both of them half of their business shares. Only gradually does Finn begin to understand what his clever mother intended.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalLebe dein Leben
Onde Assistir

Wayne Carpendale como: Finn Sieveking

Wayne Carpendale

Finn Sieveking
Howard Carpendale como: Jonathan Clark

Howard Carpendale

Jonathan Clark
Heidelinde Weis como: Maria Sieveking

Heidelinde Weis

Maria Sieveking
Sonja Kirchberger como: Alexandra Vanderbilt

Sonja Kirchberger

Alexandra Vanderbilt
Jan Sosniok como: Frank Schröder

Jan Sosniok

Frank Schröder