Le passe-muraille
Le passe-muraille
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Le passe-muraille

Emile Dutilleul, 47 years old, lives a quiet and withdrawn life in Montmartre and works as an employee in an open-plan office with an insurance company. When he meets his new, lively colleague Ariane, Emile discovers not only his inner life, but also something monstrous. He has a superpower of which he had no idea: he can walk through walls ...

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Titúlo OriginalLe passe-muraille
Onde Assistir

Denis Podalydès como: Émile Dutilleul

Denis Podalydès

Émile Dutilleul
Claude Perron como: Véronique

Claude Perron

Scali Delpeyrat como: Franck Lecuyer

Scali Delpeyrat

Franck Lecuyer
Vincent Furic como: Contrôleur métro

Vincent Furic

Contrôleur métro