La Classe américaine
La Classe américaine
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La Classe américaine

George Abitbol, the classiest man in the world, dies tragically during a cruise. The director of an American newspaper, wondering about the meaning of these intriguing final words, asks his three best investigators, Dave, Peter and Steven, to solve the mystery. (Sixteen French actors dub scenes from various Warner Bros. films to create a parody of Citizen Kane, 1941.)

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Titúlo OriginalLa Classe américaine
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Christine Delaroche como: Dubbing Voice (voice)

Christine Delaroche

Dubbing Voice (voice)
Évelyne Grandjean como: Dubbing Voice (voice)

Évelyne Grandjean

Dubbing Voice (voice)
Marc Cassot como: Dubbing Voice (voice)

Marc Cassot

Dubbing Voice (voice)
Patrick Guillemin como: Dubbing Voice (voice)

Patrick Guillemin

Dubbing Voice (voice)
Raymond Loyer como: Dubbing Voice (voice)

Raymond Loyer

Dubbing Voice (voice)