Joe Butterfly
Joe Butterfly
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Joe Butterfly

The Uproarious Saga of Those Hilarious Heroes Who Took Tokyo in a Storm of Laughter with their Riotous Operation Kimono!

The staff of "Yank" magazine are among the first American troops into Tokyo after the Japanese surrender. Their mission: produce an issue of the three days. To accomplish the seeming impossible, they reluctantly enlist the aid of black marketeer and arch-conniver Joe Butterfly, who sets them up in a palatial private mansion, complete with lovely daughter -- strictly against regulations. How much trouble can our heroes talk their way out of?

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Titúlo OriginalJoe Butterfly
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Burgess Meredith como: Joe Butterfly

Burgess Meredith

Joe Butterfly
Audie Murphy como: Pvt. Joe Woodley

Audie Murphy

Pvt. Joe Woodley
George Nader como: Sgt. Ed Kennedy

George Nader

Sgt. Ed Kennedy
Keenan Wynn como: Harold Hathaway

Keenan Wynn

Harold Hathaway