ivans xtc.
ivans xtc.
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ivans xtc.

There's a fine line between success and excess

Ivan Beckman, Hollywood's most sought-after talent agent, the darling and crown prince of La La Land, is dead. How and why did it happen? Was it drugs, murder, or perhaps something altogether more mundane? We begin with an ending and then catapult back a number of days to the apex of Ivan's brilliant career as he bags international megastar Don West onto his company's books. We then follow Ivan through the highs, lows, and extreme excesses of his final days.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Originalivans xtc.
ReceitaR$ 47.027,00
Onde Assistir

Danny Huston como: Ivan Beckman

Danny Huston

Ivan Beckman
Peter Weller como: Don West

Peter Weller

Don West
Lisa Enos como: Charlotte White

Lisa Enos

Charlotte White
Joanne Duckman como: Marcia Beckman

Joanne Duckman

Marcia Beckman