Hunt Down
Hunt Down
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Hunt Down

In order to solve a large theft of national treasure, Hongyu, a criminal police officer, and his current wife, Baiyu, and his biological father, Zhenggang, working together with their partner. At the time when the case came to light, these batches of national treasures disappeared under the close supervision of the police, and Baiyu disappeared suddenly .

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original长安道
Onde Assistir

Fan Wei como: Wan Zhenggang

Fan Wei

Wan Zhenggang
Song Yang como: Shao Kuancheng

Song Yang

Shao Kuancheng
Jiao Junyan como: Zhao Hongyu

Jiao Junyan

Zhao Hongyu
Chen Shu como: Lin Baiyu

Chen Shu

Lin Baiyu
Yu Ailei como: Yang Jian

Yu Ailei

Yang Jian