Hi, Buddy
Hi, Buddy
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Hi, Buddy

Dick Foran and Harriet Hilliard (aka Harriet Nelson) top the cast of the Universal musical quickie Hi, Buddy. Foran plays GI Dave O'Connor, who comes to the rescue when a boy's club is threatened with foreclosure. Upon learning that the money targetted for the club has been appropriated by a crooked manager, O'Connor calls upon his army buddies to stage a big, fundraising show.

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Titúlo OriginalHi, Buddy
Onde Assistir

Dick Foran como: Dave O'Connor

Dick Foran

Dave O'Connor
Harriet Nelson como: Gloria Bradley

Harriet Nelson

Gloria Bradley
Robert Paige como: Johnny Blake

Robert Paige

Johnny Blake
Marjorie Lord como: Mary Parker

Marjorie Lord

Mary Parker
Bobs Watson como: Tim Martin

Bobs Watson

Tim Martin