Heartbreak Island
Heartbreak Island
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Heartbreak Island

In Taiwan, a young woman, Lin-Lang, is released from prison after serving ten years for terrorist activity. She had turned to bomb making in grief after her mentor and lover, An Rong, who was also her university professor, was arrested for political activity and, she presumed, executed. In prison, she learns Rong is alive, and she maintains her spirits and sanity for the years in her cell by holding imaginary conversations with him. When she is released, she discovers he is married, has a child, and lives conventionally. She finds him; he's not happy to see her. How she reacts to losing the center of her life becomes the subject of the film.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original去年冬天
Onde Assistir

Vicky Wei como: Chen Lin-Lang

Vicky Wei

Chen Lin-Lang
Jieh-Wen King como: Wang Rong

Jieh-Wen King

Wang Rong
Ching-Ju Chang como: An-An Wang's Wife

Ching-Ju Chang

An-An Wang's Wife
蔡振南 como: Jin Guang


Jin Guang
Wen Ying como: Wang's Mother

Wen Ying

Wang's Mother