Golden Brother
Golden Brother
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Golden Brother

Sit Ho Ching used to be an everyday white-collar worker who had no ambition and no plans for his future. Everything went smoothly until one day, when his boss set him up and his girlfriend cheated on him, he suddenly became a jobless single man, which made him rethink his past life of duties and routines. From then on, he decides to pursue wealth and fame by all means.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original男人唔可以窮
Onde Assistir

Bosco Wong como: Sit Ho Ching

Bosco Wong

Sit Ho Ching
Michael Tse como: Chau Sheung Tak

Michael Tse

Chau Sheung Tak
Zhao Rong como: Leung On Yi

Zhao Rong

Leung On Yi