Fly me to the Saitama
Fly me to the Saitama
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Fly me to the Saitama

People from Saitama Prefecture are persecuted and, because of this, they hide the fact that they are from there. In Tokyo, Momomi Hakuhodo is a male high school student and the son of the Tokyo governor. Physically, Momomi Hakuhodo looks like a girl. One day, he meets mysterious male transfer student Rei Asami. They are attracted to each other, but Rei Asami is from Saitama Prefecture.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original翔んで埼玉
ReceitaR$ 32.802.347,00
Onde Assistir

Fumi Nikaido como: Momomi Hakuhodo

Fumi Nikaido

Momomi Hakuhodo
Gackt Camui como: Rei Asami

Gackt Camui

Rei Asami
Yûsuke Iseya como: Sho Akutsu

Yûsuke Iseya

Sho Akutsu
Brother Tom como: Yoshiumi Sugawara

Brother Tom

Yoshiumi Sugawara
Kumiko Aso como: Maki Sugawara

Kumiko Aso

Maki Sugawara