First of May
First of May
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First of May

Seventeenth Oh, you are here too!

Weaving two stories set 30 years apart, First of May is about a middle-aged man looking back at his teenage years, dreaming of his first and possibly only love. At the center of the drama is Bai, a 17-year-old student living with her single mother Wong Lei, and her grandmother. Bai gradually falls for her admirer/stalker Yeh, who is always walking behind her and her best friend Wen Wen wherever they go.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original五月一号
Onde Assistir

Alyssa Chia como: Wang Lei

Alyssa Chia

Wang Lei
Richie Jen como: Lin Ke-Ming

Richie Jen

Lin Ke-Ming
Lyan Cheng como: Shen Yi-Pai / Wong Lei (young)

Lyan Cheng

Shen Yi-Pai / Wong Lei (young)
Shih Chih Tian como: Lin Ke-Ming (young)

Shih Chih Tian

Lin Ke-Ming (young)
Ivy Shao como: Chang Huai-Wen

Ivy Shao

Chang Huai-Wen