Einen Moment fürs Leben
Einen Moment fürs Leben
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Einen Moment fürs Leben

In Dublin, Blake Lester breaks Lucy Silchester's dream by preferring an overseas TV show career move over their marriage plans since years. Receiving a mystery letter 'from her life', Lucy seeks consolation with mates Adam, Melanie, Lisa and Jamie. Angrily Lucy meets critical sender Cosmo, who urges her to set priorities among colleagues, family, friends and truth to correct her derailed life, which she finds hard to disprove by showing happiness. Lying to boss Edna costs her job. Desperate hitting rock bottom, she attempt to win successful Blake back. Her protective brother, attorney Riley, and Cosmo rather favor attractive carpet cleaner and neighborhood urchins football 'coach' Don Lockwood, who consents, yet this fails as she retracts despite good sex while he works in her apartment. Sad news about her neighbor Claire, a breakup between workaholic father Samuel and 'neglected' mother-housewife Sheila make Lucy die reconsider her own priorities.

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