East of Kensington
East of Kensington
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East of Kensington

Years after Peter Pan and the Lost Boys have overthrown the pirates, Peter visits London to return Wendy to Neverland and is kidnapped by a mysterious Stranger residing in the decaying remains of the Darling House. Peter is forced to confront a harsh reality that challenges his innocence. East of Kensington takes a dark introspective look into JM Barrie's classic story.

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Titúlo OriginalEast of Kensington
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Jack Griffo como: Peter Pan

Jack Griffo

Peter Pan
Kelsey Lee Smith como: Wendy Darling

Kelsey Lee Smith

Wendy Darling
Time Winters como: Michael Darling

Time Winters

Michael Darling
Brandon Hender como: Young Michael Darling

Brandon Hender

Young Michael Darling