Drive Thru Caribbean
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Drive Thru Caribbean

Greg Browning, the creator of The Drive Thru series, brings us his latest hilariously entertaining and action packed installment "Drive Thru Caribbean". Donavon, Benji, Pat O, and Kalani welcome Aussie aerialist Yadin Nicol as they get wrapped up in some serious hijinks during their search for waves on the thousands of islets, reefs, and cayos strewn through the Caribbean. The crew had a chance to surf secret reefs in Puerto Rico that broke unlike any other wave they had encountered. While exploring Jamaica they hung with the local Rastas after long days of scoring warm water perfection on this tranquil island nation. The search lead them to the far reaches of the Caribbean where they ripped the famous Soup Bowls of Barbados. From riding dolphins to riding waves the "Drive Thru Caribbean" puts you in shotgun on this hysterical island hopping adventure. Locations: Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Barbados.

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Situação Lançado
Titúlo Original Drive Thru Caribbean
Estreia 02/01/2007
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