Die Amitié
Die Amitié
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Die Amitié

Two people meet on the bus to Lübeck. You come to the Hanseatic city to work. The Polish Agnieszka as the carer of an elderly gentleman with dementia, Dieudonné from the Ivory Coast as a harvest helper on an organic tomato plantation. Agnieszka, who works on behalf of a Catholic placement agency, soon develops a close connection with Siegfried, whose son Carsten, who is rarely present, has little understanding for him. Dieudonné, trapped in the exploitative structures of modern agriculture, communicates primarily through a mysterious network: the Amitié. An artificial intelligence and virtual reality that anyone can join and whose possibilities seem unlimited. When a crazy police officer suspects a smuggling gang is behind the network and Siegfried is picked up by a mysterious taxi, events take over. Science fiction parable that tells with a lot of humor and artistic imagination about the inequality in our society and the hope for a self-determined life in the future.

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Titúlo OriginalDie Amitié
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