Dead Space
Dead Space
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Dead Space

In the coldness of space — even hell freezes over.

In this loose remake of "Forbidden World" (1982), Commander Krieger and his robot companion Tinpan are summoned by a distress call to a research facility on the planet Phaebon, and soon find themselves battling a bizarre virus and a monstrous creature inadvertently created by the scientists there.

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Titúlo OriginalDead Space
Onde Assistir

Marc Singer como: Commander Steve Krieger

Marc Singer

Commander Steve Krieger
Laura Mae Tate como: Dr. Marissa Salinger

Laura Mae Tate

Dr. Marissa Salinger
Judith Chapman como: Dr. Emily Stote

Judith Chapman

Dr. Emily Stote
Bryan Cranston como: Dr. Frank Darden

Bryan Cranston

Dr. Frank Darden