Dance with a Stranger
Dance with a Stranger
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Dance with a Stranger

It wasn't simply love. It was a case of cold-blooded passion.

Ruth Ellis lives with her ten-year old son Andy next to a night club. One night she meets David Blakely, and they start a love affair. However, for David with his upper-class background, it is impossible to uphold the relationship. He breaks up with her, something which makes Ellis, obsessed by him, very upset.

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Titúlo OriginalDance with a Stranger
Onde Assistir

Rupert Everett como: David Blakeley

Rupert Everett

David Blakeley
Ian Holm como: Desmond Cussen

Ian Holm

Desmond Cussen
Tom Chadbon como: Anthony Findlater

Tom Chadbon

Anthony Findlater