Crazy House
Crazy House
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Crazy House

The Management Cannot be Responsible for the Antics of Olsen and Johnson!

Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson are Broadway stars who return to Universal Studios to make another movie. The mere mention of Olsen and Johnson's names evacuates the studio and terrorizes the management and personnel. Undaunted, the comedians hire an assistant director and unknown talent, and set out to make their own movie.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalCrazy House
Onde Assistir

Ole Olsen como: Ele mesmo

Ole Olsen

Ele mesmo
Chic Johnson como: Ele mesmo

Chic Johnson

Ele mesmo
Cass Daley como: Herself / Sadie Silverfish

Cass Daley

Herself / Sadie Silverfish
Martha O'Driscoll como: Marjorie Nelson / Marjorie Wyndingham

Martha O'Driscoll

Marjorie Nelson / Marjorie Wyndingham
Patric Knowles como: Edmund 'Mac' MacLean

Patric Knowles

Edmund 'Mac' MacLean