Byrne About Byrne
Byrne About Byrne
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Byrne About Byrne

In this diverse and inventive autobiography, painter and author John Byrne travels from his youth, through his art school years to the period of his stage and TV plays, and on to his death, sometime in the future. With him is Robbie Coltrane as himself and as a shamus invented by Byrne, who discovers there are as many aspects to the author as there are actors playing him.

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Titúlo OriginalByrne About Byrne
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John Byrne como: Self/Mobile Library Driver

John Byrne

Self/Mobile Library Driver
Robbie Coltrane como: Self/Detective

Robbie Coltrane

Stuart Davids como: Young Byrne/Phil McCann

Stuart Davids

Young Byrne/Phil McCann
Robert Carlyle como: Spanky Farrell

Robert Carlyle

Spanky Farrell
William Blair como: Hector McKenzie

William Blair

Hector McKenzie