Burnt Flowers
Burnt Flowers
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Burnt Flowers

Not All Flames Die Out

Following a visit from a mysterious femme fatale, detective Francis Alban finds herself embroiled in a missing persons case in which all is not what it seems. The trail leads her to a 1960s serial killer who was never caught and a violent gangster. As Detective Alban delves deeper into the criminal underbelly of Swinging Sixties London, will she uncover more about herself than she is willing to face? Past crimes, revenge and obsessive love collide in this haunting and surreal Horror-Noir.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalBurnt Flowers
Custo ProduçãoR$ 15.000,00
Onde Assistir

Dani Thompson como: Cassandra Young

Dani Thompson

Cassandra Young
Laurence R. Harvey como: Commander Larkspur

Laurence R. Harvey

Commander Larkspur
Ayvianna Snow como: Alice Kyteller

Ayvianna Snow

Alice Kyteller
Dean Kilbey como: Clem Blumenthal

Dean Kilbey

Clem Blumenthal