Bomi's Room
Bomi's Room
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Bomi's Room

Bomi is 12 years old. She wants her own room so badly. Her sister, Eonju, whom she shares the room with keeps sneaking a look at her diary. She studied really hard to get first place as her mom promised to get her own room if she did but her mom keeps denying the promise. So Bomi decides to marry her sister off! She finds out that the manager of a construction company like her sister and does her best to help him. The manager ends up winning her heart and proposes to Eonju. But she refuses his proposal. Bomi gets curious and tries to find out why she doesn't want to get married.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original보미의 방
Onde Assistir

안서현 como: Kong Bo-mi


Kong Bo-mi
이영아 como: Kong Eun-ju


Kong Eun-ju
심형탁 como: Kim Hong-shik


Kim Hong-shik
박해미 como: Oh Kil Ja


Oh Kil Ja