Blood Demons
Blood Demons
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Blood Demons

Runic vampires, steampunk gangsters, and enough Saber-Tooth weed to wipe out mankind.

Jake Wilcox grows cannabis for the notorious steam-punk gangster, Mr. P. When the entire crop is burnt, Jake goes on the run with his accomplices, Tony and Dominic. They are quickly captured, tortured, and driven to the middle of nowhere to dig their own graves. Mr. P orders Jake to commit a heinous act. To repay the debt owed to Mr. P, Jake must travel to the Isle of Baga to find his friend Harvie, who knows the whereabouts of a rare strain of cannabis called Saber-Tooth. Professor Moses accompanies Jake to the Isle of Baga, where an annual rock festival is held. But when Jake and Professor Moses' search for Harvie is suddenly pulled into a dark world of ritualistic murder, rune magic, and an evil cult of vampires, will they survive until sunrise ?

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