Black Rose II
Black Rose II
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Black Rose II

Heroine Black Rose disappeared from the world 30 years ago. Actually she was rejected by the man she loves, Lui Kei, and thus trapped him in a house. 30 years later, Black Rose meets a young man Ah Mo. The girl he loves Tic Tac is kidnapped by the evil Suen Mui Tong (Sour Plum Soup), so he asks Black Rose to help. Lui Kei while trying to talk Black Rose into saving Tic Tac finally falls in love with her. Suen Mui Tong discovers Black Rose is still alive, which brings up the history of hate between Black Rose and her mother...

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo Original黑玫瑰义结金兰
Onde Assistir

Nancy Sit Ka-Yin como: Hak Mooi-Gwai (Black Rose)

Nancy Sit Ka-Yin

Hak Mooi-Gwai (Black Rose)
Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu como: Hung Mo-Daan

Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu

Hung Mo-Daan
Lam Gei-Wan como: Daap Tong / Yan

Lam Gei-Wan

Daap Tong / Yan