Beloved Berlin Wall
Beloved Berlin Wall
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Beloved Berlin Wall

Berlin, 1989. Sascha is a young East German border guard and Franzi is a lively young West German woman who's just moved into a flat next to Sascha's watchtower at the Berlin Wall. It takes only a slight mishap and a selfless act of chivalry and the two fall in love. But soon the Stasi believes they are witnessing the start of a revolt. This is the time of mass protests and East Germans taking refuge in the West German embassy in Prague after all. Franzi and Sascha have to find their ways to stand up for their love and strive for the impossible; to bring down the wall.

Detalhes do Filme
Titúlo OriginalLiebe Mauer
Onde Assistir

Felicitas Woll como: Franziska Schubert

Felicitas Woll

Franziska Schubert
Maxim Mehmet como: Sascha Meier

Maxim Mehmet

Sascha Meier
Thomas Thieme como: Stasi-Major Kutzner

Thomas Thieme

Stasi-Major Kutzner