Battle at Bloody Beach
Battle at Bloody Beach
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Battle at Bloody Beach

The Guts and Glory Story of the Undefeatables!

This is only the second Audie Murphy movie set in WWII after his autobiographical "To Hell and Back." Here Murphy steps out of his usual kid-Western role to play a civilian working for the Navy helping supply guerilla insurgents in the Philippines. His sole motive is not politics nor bravery, but to find his bride from whom he was separated during the Japanese invasion two years before

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Titúlo OriginalBattle at Bloody Beach
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Audie Murphy como: Craig Benson

Audie Murphy

Craig Benson
Gary Crosby como: Lt. Marty Sackler

Gary Crosby

Lt. Marty Sackler
Dolores Michaels como: Ruth Benson

Dolores Michaels

Ruth Benson
Alejandro Rey como: Julio Fontana

Alejandro Rey

Julio Fontana
Lillian Bronson como: Delia Ellis

Lillian Bronson

Delia Ellis