Baby Einstein: Baby Noah - Animal Expedition
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Baby Einstein: Baby Noah - Animal Expedition

Two by two...a musical introduction to animals around the world!

As little ones become better acquainted with the world, they grow curious about animals of all kinds, beyond just the family pet. And as their communication skills continue to develop, they enjoy imitating animal sounds as well. Baby Noah™ Animal Expedition takes your little explorer across the globe to meet animals -- two-by-two -- from the savannah, the rainforest and tropics, the Outback, the ocean and the Polar Regions. With its unique video "lift-the-flap" format, adorable puppet shows and delightful music, this exciting program invites parents and babies on a fun-filled safari that encourages vocal participation and interactive play. Get ready to meet lions, tigers, dolphins, koalas, penguins and more. It's a wide, wonderful world out there, and there's nothing more rewarding than discovering it together!

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Titúlo Original Baby Einstein: Baby Noah - Animal Expedition
Estreia 26/10/2004
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